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Prior to Christmas Day the greeting is Kala Christouyenna (kala is 'good' and Christouyenna refers to Jesus’s birth).

After that, the greeting becomes Chronia (Xponia) Polla which is commonly used as a birthday wish but is used as well at the New Year!

) This, however, is the first Christmas that finds us living outside the United States. In all honesty, we had a somewhat miserable week leading up to the big day. Then that rascal Boreas returned a couple days later for a full two-day stay with continued gusts so strong they ripped green lemons and leaves from our tree, knocked a window shutter to bits and toppled and broke heavy planters filled with dirt and flowers. (Suffice to say, neither our language or thoughts were focused on Christmas.) Damage done, Boreas moved on making way for Santa Claus, St. We have one dress shop, one bookstore, and two hardware stores that have remained open in the weeks before Christmas. Most business have closed or severely reduced operations because owners are busy with their olive harvest -- the one activity that continues at a hectic pace. Gifts are given on that day to symbolize the gifts of the Wise Men.

(You can get some great airfares flying on Christmas Day though! And, all that has been different about it, has made it rather wonderful. It is also a sharp contrast to the Christmas commercialism and expectations we knew in the United States.

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Kourabiedes, are holiday butter cookies, Melomacrona are honey cakes and Thiples are fried dough strips with honey and walnuts.

On January 6th, one of our favorite ceremonies, the Blessing of the Water, takes place in our villages.

It commemorates the baptism of Jesus by Saint John in the Jordan River –also referred to as Theophany (God shining forth or Devine Manifestation) or Phota (Lights). The 12 days between Christmas and January 6th are considered a time of feasting (as many of the devout have fasted during Advent).

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